Kiki Reef is an event planner,

originally from suburban Chicago by way of San Francisco, Hollywood and Prague. She has worked in the event production and party planning industry for over ten years, and started her event planning career at one of the industry’s legendary firms, Extraordinary Events in Los Angeles, California.

Kiki attended Purdue University and graduated with a BA in communications, a concentration in public relations and a management minor. (She also claims to be about one credit away from a minor in art history). After graduation in 1998, Kiki moved to San Francisco – the ultimate free spirit Mecca. While living there she worked at independent record labels, the local CBS affiliate TV station, an ad agency, and was an assistant to a press agent who represented experimental theater groups and performance artists. She took a few “colorful” part time jobs , as well, working as a “shopgirl” on Haight Street, and also as a cigarette girl for Peachy’s Puffs – a candy and cigarette girl service.

In 1993 she moved to Los Angeles for a job at Geffen Records. She later worked at a large media buying company and at two postproduction facilities, one on the lot at Universal Studios. With a great depth of experience in both entertainment and the mass media, Kiki became interested in the field of event production, and became a junior producer at Extraordinary Events in Sherman Oaks. Working closely with the company’s founder, the renowned Andrea Michaels, Kiki learned the industry from one of its pioneers. Extraordinary Events remains an award-winning event producing company which services many Fortune 500 clients. There wasn’t a better training ground.

In 2003, Kiki moved to Prague with her (then) husband, a special effects producer, to be on location with the feature film, “Hellboy”. That March, her son Erik was born in the Czech Republic. Kiki returned to the Chicago area that summer and, after six months of watching CNN Europe and eating a lot of goulash, indulged herself in Jelly Bellies and countless hours of “What Not To Where”. Since resuming her career in 2003, she’s freelanced in both corporate event production and private parties.

Seeing an unaddressed niche in the event and party planning industry, Kiki Reef aims to take the “princess vibe” out of weddings and commitment ceremonies. Her philosophy? That there’s a disconnect between our true, authentic selves and who we feel compelled be when we walk down the aisle. Kiki hopes to make it easier for clients to apply their own unique styles and sensibilities to the often narrow landscape of traditional weddings. She also hopes to make it easier for all of us to commit to someone we love by supporting gay marriage rights whenever possible. Select businesses and companies are also welcome to the Kiki Reef Events treatment!

Kiki currently lives in the western suburbs with her partner Michael and her son Erik. She enjoys anything that has to do with traveling, sugar and being silly.


A Quick Party Fix: At a house party – move some of your furniture into a side room that won’t be used and close the door – you’ll create more space for guests to hustle and flow….

Favorite Rule of Thumb When Inviting People to Your Home: It’s not a party unless something gets broken – take it as a reminder that our “stuff” is not the important part of life.

Favorite Event or Party Accessory: Custom swizzle sticks

Common Party Blunder: Buying too much food – people want to drink and talk – (unless your crowd is “herbally enhanced” - then you may need some Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby…..)

Favorite Rock Star Personalities: Lou Reed, Debbie Harry and Dee Dee Ramone

Favorite Current Bands/Singers: LCD Sound System, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Lady Gaga.

One of MANY Embarrassing Moments: I took my Jack Russell puppy, Louise, to Tom Morello’s house and she “compromised” his carpeting while we were playing Family Feud.

Favorite Books: “In Cold Blood”,” Working”, the Zooey part of “Franny and Zooey”, “Comfort Me with Apples”, and “The Sheltering Sky”

Favorite Authors: Paul Auster, John Irving, Tom Robbins and Graham Greene

Favorite Literary Personalities: Charles Bukowski, Norman Mailer, and Tama Janowitz

Favorite Cities: Marrakesh, Berlin and Montreal

Favorite Movie Stars: Cary Grant, Parker Posey, Sean Penn, Michael Caine, and Tony Randall in Rock Hudson and Doris Day movies

Favorite Movies: “Diner”, “Auntie Mame”, “Rushmore”, “Animal House” and "Man on Wire".

Favorite Designers: Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith.

Favorite Artists: Kandinsky, Gaudi and Jeff Koons.

Kiki currently lives with her partner, Michael and her son, Erik. She enjoys anything that has to do with traveling, sugar and being silly.

Favorite Current Bands: The White Stripes, LCD Sound System and Spoon